The Wait Felt Like Forever.

Today I’m doing a blog post with Nathan Chaffe. When we saw the preview photo for the new mesh hoodie from Not so Bad. We decided to do a shared post so that we could show how it could work with our differing styles. You can find Nathans Chaffe’s Blog HERE.

                               THE LOOK

SKIN – Fruk Knox Skin Shade 2 The Revolver

HAIR – -Entente- Tupelo Hair Blond

HOODIE  – Not so Bad FELIP Hoodie Turquoise MESH

UNDERSHIRT – *ARAI* Asain Shirt White 

PANTS – MUISM Cargo Shorts Khaki

SHOES – REDGRAVE Sneakers Miles Light

BRACELET 1 – KOSH Leather Braid Armband

BRACELET 2 – *chronokit* Alfheim Bracelet


LUGGAGE – POST Vintage Luggage Set

DUFFLE BAG – *FIR & MNA* The MENStuff Duffle Bag   (HUNT ITEM)

SATCHEL – *FIR & MNA* The Curragh Satchel Green Canvas [Prop]

BAG – Tulip Zoar Black


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