Ride Of Your Life.

Parker Biker 2

Hello everyone I hope you all enjoy this post as much as I do. I just had a need to use this pose from Poseology. Then after getting the hat a freebie from SF Design . It all came together just how I had hoped. Ended up reminding me of an old photo of my Grandmother. On the back of a bike just like this with a well dressed man with a pipe….. Not my Grandfather .   LOL

SKIN – Fruk  @ The Skin Fair – Jeremy skin shade 2

SHIRT – Blank Line – 013 Denim shirt – Indigo

PANTS – Ispachi @ faMESHed – Mason pants (April 1st)

SHOES – Ispachi @faMESHed – Mason Brogues shoes (April 1st)

HAT – SF Designs @ The Event Hollywood – Brando Cap color change (Freebie)

POSE – Poseology @ The Pose Fair  – Cole 03

FACIAL HAIR – Entente – Facial Hair A – Chin curtain

Awwwwww C’mon

Parker Orion jp

I just received this Cardigan today from Orion & totally suggest giving it a try. Along with the jeans from JP that fit great. Finished off with Shoes from the Mason outfit available at faMESHed on April 1st. The pose from poseology was all I needed to spark the idea of this post.

SKIN – Fruk @ The Skin Fair – Jeremy skin shade 2

HAIR – Iruco – hair 23m – brown

CARDIGAN/SHIRT – Orion – Cardigan red & black

JEANS – JP design – Manoa JNS – Denim

SHOES – Ispachi @ faMESHed  –  Mason Brogues shoes (April 1st)

SUNGLASSES – Z O O M Rockstar sunglasses

FACIAL HAIR – VCD – Express yourself facial hair – style 11

POSE – Poseology @ The Pose Fair –  Cole 04

LUGGAGE – Post – Vintage luggage set

Meet Mason.

parker mason

New from Ispachi at faMESHed is the Mason a full outfit including shirt/vest combo, pants, shoes, and hat. Each coming with a HUD full of colors and/or textures to choose from. This outfit fits like a glove & can easily mixed and matched with the rest of your SL wardrobe. The Mason vest will come with 24 options, the Mason shirt 20, the Mason tie with  9. All three on the same HUD. The Mason pants come with 6 color option. The Brogues shoes with 6 and finally the Mason Flat cap with  16 options. Items can be purchased  as a full outfit or in single pieces. This is a great ensemble. Check it out guys. You can pick this up at faMESHed starting April 1st. No this is not an April fools joke you really do get all these options.

OUTFIT – Ispachi @ faMESHed – Mason (full outfit)

SKIN – Fruk  @ The Skin Fair –  Jeremy tone 2

———————————– The Room ———————————-

CLUB CHAIR – Dutchie –  Moustache Club chair

WING CHAIR – Cheeky Pea – Ansel Wing Chair (PG)

FIRE PLACE –  Dutchie – Cast Iron fire place

TABLE – Dutchie – Side table

BOOKS –  Dutchie – Row of books 3

RUG – Tatty Soup – Grunge rug – turquoise

To the Beach.


Parker Fate beach

SKIN – Fruk @ The Skin Fair – Jeremy –  tone 2

HAIR – Taketomi – Sen – dark browns

FEET – Ispachi – Natural men’s feet

HANDS – CheerNo – Mesh hands

EARS – Mandala – Simple ears

SHIRT – Fatewear – Graham – volcanictundra

PANTS – Redgrave – Tube jeans – navy

SHOES – Entente  –  Cousteau shoes

BAG – Tableau Vivant – Backpack – the devil bunny  –  (Thank You Gift)

POSE – Focus Poses – Vintage man 04

Window Shopping.

Parker villena pumpkin sim

I  love the new scarf from Redgrave. Needed to base an outfit around it. Along with my new favorite hair from Eep. I’ll be wearing this one a lot. I really dont feel a need to change from this outfit for a few days.

SKIN – Fruk  @ The Skin Fair– Jeremy shade 2

HAIR – Eep – Hair 006 – brown

EARS – Mandala – Simple ears

HANDS – CheerNo – Mesh hands

SHIRT – Pivaaca – Homme loose fit shirt – blue/plain

UNDER SHIRT – Entente – Classic tee homme – white

PANTS – Ispachi – Renwick pants

SHOES – 2real – Holbrookz shoes

BAG – Deco @ The Arcade – Mesh Jennifer tote –  butterscotch

SCARF – Redgrave – Arabic PaliScarf LQM

NECKLACE – Mandala – Origiri necklace – sliver

SUNGLASSES – Yummy – Summer shades

WATCH – Yummy @ The Arcade –  Polyex sports watch  – silver rare

BRACELET – Chronokit – Alfheim bracelet

POSE – Focus Poses – Vintage man 08

FRUK Jeremy – Sneak Peek.

Parker in new fruk


fruk jeremy gif 2

Jeremy is newest skin from Fruk. This skin will be released at the Skin Fair 2013. It will be available on March 15th till the 31st. At the end of the event Jeremy will be available at the Fruk flagship store.  You will be able to choose from 6 skin tones. Each will come with 2 hair base tattoo layers and a body hair tattoo layer. It looks fantastic guys. When the Skin Fair opens give fruk a look. I think you will like what you see.

SKIN – Fruk – Jeremy skin shade 3 ( Coming Soon )

BRIEFS – Lazybum – Basic Briefs – ice

HAIR 1 mid shot – Exile – Dustin – wedge

HIAR 2 close up  – BooN  – GGL309 – chocolate

FACIAL HAIR mid shot – Fruk – Fruk face fuzz stubble

FACIAL HAIR close up  – Entente –  Facial hair A – chin curtain

FEET –  Ispachi – Natural mens feet

HANDS – CheerNo – Mesh hands

EARS – Mandala  – Unisex Simple Ears

Move On.

Parker Police box

I am rather enjoying being a brunette again. its been a few years.

SKIN – Fruk – Bennett dark brown- shade 2

HAIR – BooN – GGL309 – chocolate

JACKET – Muschi – Casual blazer – black/white

PANTS – Apple May – Low rise emo pants – black

HANDS –  CheerN0 – Mesh hands

NECKLACE  – Kosh – Infinity necklace

EYES – Dead Apples – Sinistre – desaturated forest green

FACIAL HAIR – Entente – Facial hair A – chin curtain

FACIAL HAIR  2 – Discord Designs – Leonardo – neutral brown

POLICE BOX – Floorplan @ The Arcade 

The Mens’s Dept. – March.

Parker mens dept 1


This months Men’s Dept is full of great times. I went kinda nuts shopping it this time around.

SKIN – Fruk   (The Men’s Dept.) -Bennett – Thanatos series – black/blue

HAIR – Uw.st  (The Men’s Dept.) –  Seth hair – dark brown

FACIAL HAIR – Fruk  (The Men’s Dept.) – face fuzz free goatee

SHIRT – <HVK>  (The Men’s Dept.) –  Swallow Tee

PANTS – CheerNo  (The Men’s Dept.)  – Jeans Black_SK Low MFit_ Wash #1

TATTOO – Vestigium   (The Men’s Dept.)  – Alice

FEET – Ispachi – Natural mens feet

SUNGLASSES – K_gs   (The Men’s Dept.) – Domino



CHAIR – MudHoney   (The Men’s Dept.) –  Ryan Club Chair

MAGAZINE RACK – MudHoney  (The Men’s Dept.) –  Magazine Holder

ART – Vespertine   (The Men’s Dept.) – Animalia paper prints – mr.pug

ARCADE GAME – Scarlet Apple (The Arcade) – BLOKI Machine

CHINESE FOOD – Apple fall – Chinese food (group gift)


Parker Relief

It has been a long couple weeks. RL has been a little more stressful then usual. Things are looking good right now and am feeling a bit of relief.

The past week or so I have discovered a new skin I like on myself.  Jacob from Redgrave. A handsome skin that I look forward to using more often. Along with Ispachi’s Natural mens mesh feet.  These are fantastic. Color matching was a breeze, the texture is fab. It will need to be some great shoes to get me to take these off.

Till the next post all… take care.

SKIN – Redgrave – Jacob – pale

FEET – Ispachi –  Natural mens feet

JEANS – Redgrave – Tube Jeans

HAIR – Taketomi – Gyp – dark brown 04

HAIR BASE – Fruk – Hair base light brown

TABLE – Zigana – Side table – blue