The Mens’s Dept. – March.

Parker mens dept 1


This months Men’s Dept is full of great times. I went kinda nuts shopping it this time around.

SKIN – Fruk   (The Men’s Dept.) -Bennett – Thanatos series – black/blue

HAIR –  (The Men’s Dept.) –  Seth hair – dark brown

FACIAL HAIR – Fruk  (The Men’s Dept.) – face fuzz free goatee

SHIRT – <HVK>  (The Men’s Dept.) –  Swallow Tee

PANTS – CheerNo  (The Men’s Dept.)  – Jeans Black_SK Low MFit_ Wash #1

TATTOO – Vestigium   (The Men’s Dept.)  – Alice

FEET – Ispachi – Natural mens feet

SUNGLASSES – K_gs   (The Men’s Dept.) – Domino



CHAIR – MudHoney   (The Men’s Dept.) –  Ryan Club Chair

MAGAZINE RACK – MudHoney  (The Men’s Dept.) –  Magazine Holder

ART – Vespertine   (The Men’s Dept.) – Animalia paper prints – mr.pug

ARCADE GAME – Scarlet Apple (The Arcade) – BLOKI Machine

CHINESE FOOD – Apple fall – Chinese food (group gift)

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