Back at it.

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Hello everyone,  you may have noticed a lack of posts the past few months.   My computer died.  It took a few months for me to save for what I was wanting to replace it.   After the first one getting lost in the mail.  Then needing to wait two more weeks for the second to be shipped.  Then some tech issues that were quickly resolved. I’m happy to say. I can blog again.

It’s been odd being on here and not blogging.  My time away from it showed me how much I really enjoy it.  Every time I would see a post from a fellow blogger or see an item I knew I would usually jump on and blog. The urge would kick and it was driving me nuts that I couldn’t. I’m so happy to be back at it again.

crosses fingers.

I would also like to thank all those creators in SL who are still giving me a chance. It’s been a while and hope to blog your items soon.

SKIN – Fruk – Bennet blond skin shade 2

HAIR – CheerNo – Ramires Hair – blond 9.2

SHIRT – Gabriel @ the24  – Limited hood shirt

PANTS – BarmaleY @ The Men’s Dept. – Jeans freeky

FEET – Ispachi – Natural men’s feet

SHOES – Ispachi – Summer flip flops

HANDS – CheerNo – Hands V3 #4 & #5

TATTOO – Hermony –  A mothers love neck tattoo

BOOK – Floorplan  – Handbook for the Recently Deceased

SKATEBOARD – Mesh Mafia – Full perm skateboard.

HANKY – Shadow Moon – Diablo pocket rags – Skull bandanas

POSE – Del May – Tightrope variant

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