Room 2.

plb 185

He was a charming, loyal type of man.
He was exceptionally good with his hands, and the townspeople knew.
He could fix almost anything, and this is why he was the property manager of a small motel.
His closest friend was the owner, who had an eccentric little hobby. It was his job to make sure the motel was spotless, especially when his friend was finished.
He is just about to finish up cleaning up and get ready for the next project….

HAIR – No! – Andy

SHIRT – Deadwool @ TAG – Hugo Shirt – Bloody – TAG Trick or Treat Gift

PANTS – Deadwool @ TMD –  Corduroy pants – Antracite

BOOTS – Hoorenbeek @ Kustom9 – Military Boot

SKELETON – Aphorism – Creeper Skeleton

TUB – DRD – Bath Bloody

NEWS PAPER – Dust Bunny @ Epiphany – Sunday Newspaper

BAG/CHAIN SAW – BUC @ Season’s Story – “Chained” Elm Duffle Bag  – RARE

MACHETE – [BUC] @ Season’s Story – “Slicer” Elm Machete

ARM – Deadwool @ TAG – Anatomy Model Set – Corpse Arm

BOTTLE SYRINGE  – Deadwool @ TAG – Syringe-x

APRON – Sari Sari @ TAG – Abandoned Morgue – Apron

HEART PLATE – Nefarious Inventions @ TAG – Turn & Cough Regret Nothing

TRAY WITH SYRINGES – ContraptioN @ TAG – Embalmer’s Tools

MOTEL ITEM LIST – DRD @ TAG – Murder Motel, Sink, Motel Mirror, Toilet, Towel hanger, Air Conditioning, Bath Rug, Small Phone, Slim Wall lights, Luggage Holder, Psycho Desk Items, Murder Tool Table, Vid Camera


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