What Can You Do For Us?

plb 222.png

MadPea Games Presents The Interview.  Launched April 1st offering this exclusive outfit from Gabriel. If you would like to check out The Interview click HERE. Also check out Catty and Luka’s perspectives.

HAIR – Burley – Donnie

SUIT – Gabriel @ The Interview – MadPea Interview Outfit

CHAIR – Fancy Decor – White / Gold Office Chair

DESK – Fancy Decor – Adler Desk

SHELF – Fancy Decor – Adler Shelf

RUG – Fancy Decor – B&W Rug

ART – Sayo @ Epiphany – Stationed In Soho Gacha – Geometric Stag Head

BOOKS – Sayo @ Epiphany – Stationed in Soho Gacha – Book Stack

PLANT – MadPea –  Bonsai Kasai

CAT – Pixicat– Bastet Sphynx  – Sit

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